Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book 67 sold!

My fave workout today - and a nice burn of 520 cals (actually got it up to the peak zone today, too. for the whole of 3 minutes - rest was 50/50 cardio and fatburn). And I have news - book 67 has been accepted. So "Billionaire, Boss... Bridegroom?" will be out in March 2016 (HQ Romance/M&B Cherish). Which means I get to buy another Pandora bead :) Righty. Need to get cracking on the follow-up. Have a nice day!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

a good report...

Sorry - not doing so well with the cut and paste from FB! I am trying...

Lovely morning in town with youngest - she had an excellent report, so we went to get her something nice to celebrate it. (Yes, of course vinyl - she was umming and ahhing between Joy Division and Muse.) Also picked up the last bits and bobs for next week's school camping trip, aka insect repellent and a camping mat. (A week without the internet. They're all going to be in major withdrawal by Friday! ... but apparently there will be musical instruments, so as long as she has a guitar she'll be happy.) Paid my tax bill, sorted out electoral roll stuff, and now for tiny tweaks to book 67 - I very much hope to report acceptance, title and release date next week. Have a nice day :) 

Monday, July 06, 2015

revisions finally done

Yes! The revisions are FINALLY done! (I know why I was stuck and dragged my feet for so long - basically I disagreed completely with something my ed wanted me to change. I tried to do it her way and it didn't work. So I've argued my case :) Fingers crossed I was eloquent enough and the rest of it makes her happy.) All righty. Outline for next Med (high five and a big thank you to Michelle Styles​ for giving me a lightbulb - ed has agreed to the setting but we're still 'discussing' the heroine's job, though I know I'm going to lose that particular fight), proofs for Her Playboy's Proposal, and then I can go back to book 2 of the Rom/Cherish duo. Gym today was excellent - the last bit of each accumulator involves a minute on each side (knee drives, kick-outs and medicine-ball woodchops respectively), which I've been doing as four lots of 30 seconds (to keep my heart rate up because otherwise I'd struggle). Lovely trainer Georgia decided I was at the point where I could do the full minute instead, and she was right - which is a nice confidence boost. Stats for today: 502 cals torched, 6m in peak, 28m in cardio and 18m in fat burn. Yay. Have a nice day :)

Friday, July 03, 2015

hot, hot, hot (and Mallory Knox)

Hot and grumpy (and planning to nip to Boots tomorrow for some Magicool spray). Air-conditioning at gym wonderful today - and much needed as it was my cardio 121. Great session - 479 cals torched, 6m peak, 29m cardio and 12m fat burn. And I smashed the reps today, so I'm pleased. Teens have sports day today so early finish; and youngest is playing at the concert next week, so that's a treat to look forward to :) Righty. Work. Coffee. Oh, wait - got something nice in the post today :) (I was going to post a pic of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction from the other night, but my pics are terrible - handheld night shot. But it was worth looking out for...) Have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

publication day

Forgot it was publication day today. Not because I'm arrogant, but because I've spent the hottest day of the year at the hospital for MIL's assessment and then doing notes for the family and the care home - and it's been pretty rough (though the doctor was lovely). Sometimes being the articulate one with medical knowledge really sucks. Dementia is such a spiteful disease. Anyway. Happy pub day to me - and also to my pals Liz Fielding​, Scarlet Wilson and Susan Meier​. Have a nice day x

Monday, June 29, 2015

wet fish

Good 121 today - cardio torched 425 cals (5m peak, 25m cardio, 14m fat burn). I know I'm putting in the same effort (because we're counting reps and they're staying the same or improving) but I notice that my heart rate/calorie burn is lower. Which is I guess proof that it's working and my fitness is improving :) Popped over to see my stepmum - and now it's back to the hated revisions. Someone smack me with a wet fish and tell me to stop stalling...

Friday, June 26, 2015


Great 121 today - 474 cals torched, 10m peak, 23m cardio and 12m fat burn. Am getting better at medicine ball woodchops - today was 17 in 30 seconds, and I can remember struggling to do 10 smile emoticon Also interesting to note that yesterday I burned 1000 fewer calories than I did the day before - so I can see how the afterburn effect of a gym session works. Next time I feel like having a rest day, I'll remember that smile emoticon Skiving off for lunch out, so I need to crack on with revisions. (I hate doing revisions so I always drag my feet. I need something to motivate myself through it - though *not* cake!) Laters. Have a nice day heart emoticon

Almost forgot - new hair from yesterday...